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A New Century of Logistics

Once only a subheading under transportation, Logistics has become the buzzword of business. And, as the world is getting smaller and smaller in terms of communications and transportation, the challenge for every industry, particularly Logistics, is to provide the faster and most efficient service.

Logfret has continually adapted its network to provide reliable service in an industry that has rapidly grown global. Our expansion, proudly, incorporates flexible, cost efficient, quality-controlled service that complies with all international rules and regulations. We have added the most up to date information techologies to secure your orders during transit.

Founded in Europe in the early 1970's by Jean-Francois Millet, the company has grown under his keen insight and supervision. Now family owned and internationally operated by his two sons -- Marc Millet runs the European, Middle Eastern and Asian divisions, while Christian Millet spearheaded growth in North and South America.

Working across oceans and cultures has its own challenges. Logfret has invested in its growth and in the range of services it provides. Its size, profile and network are perfect for the demands of the new millennium. Logfret supports industrial companies and manufacturers with a worldwide network servicing both Fortune 500 Corporations and small to mid-sized companies. Each project is handled in a confidential and professional manner, strengthening Logfret's reputation daily.

You can find Logfret offices and agents in more than 65 countries on six continents.

o North America
o Central and South America
o Western and Eastern Europe
o The Middle East
o Asia
o Africa

Logfret provides comprehensive freight forwarding services to thousands of customers all over the world.