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Incoterms at a Glance

General definition of responsibilities. >>

EXW - Exworks.
Ex works represents minimum obligation of the seller. >>

FCA - Free Carrier.
Designed to meet the requirements of multimodal transport, such as container or roll-on, roll-off traffic by trailers and ferries. >>

FAS - Free Alongside Ship.
Requires buyer to clear goods for export and pay cost of loading. >>

FOB - Free On Board.
Goods are placed on board ship by the seller at a port of shipment named in sales agreement. >>

CFR - Cost and Freight.
Requires the seller to pay the costs and freight necessary to bring the goods to the named destination. >>

CIF - Cost, Insurance and Freight.
The seller procures transport insurance against the risk of loss or damage to goods. >>

CPT - Carriage Paid To.
The seller pays freight for the carriage of goods to named destination. >>

CIP - Carriage and Insurance Paid To.
The seller procures transport insurance against the risk of loss or damage to goods during the carriage. >>

DAF - Delivered At Frontier.
The seller's obligations are fulfilled when goods have arrived at the frontier but before the customs border of the country named in the sales contract. >>

DES - Delivered Ex Ship.
The seller shall make goods available to the buyer on board the ship . >>

DEQ - Delivered Ex Quay.
The seller has agreed to make goods available to the buyer on the quay or the wharf at destination. >>

DDU - Delivered Duties Unpaid.
The seller bears all costs and risks involved in bringing goods to the point or place of named destination. >>

DDP - Delivered Duties Paid.
Represents the seller's maximum obligation. >>



The International Chamber of Comerce (ICC) provides a detailed description of commonly used terms of sale. They are provided here for your easy reference.

For more information, please refer to incoterms.org.

Incoterms is a registred trademark of the International Chamber of Commerce.