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Services at a Glance

Information Management.
Logfret provides accurate shipment tracking information. >>

Vendor Consolidation.
Logfret can consolidate multiple shipments from various sources for a group of customers. >>

Door-to-Door Transportation.
Logfret has been approved by U.S. customs as a partner in its fight against terrorism and is now part of the C-TPAT Program. >>

Customs Brokerage.
Logfret is ABI (Automated Brokerage Interface) certified. >>

Warehousing and Physical Distribution.
Logfret offers access to large logistic centers strategically located all over the world. >>

Other Services.
Logfret offers an online industry-wide newsletter. >>


International freight transport by land, air, sea: o All types of cargo
o Bulk or oversize shipments
o “Turnkey” projects
o Infrastructural equipment

Services Available: o Transit, storage, warehousing
o Customs clearance
o Pickups and deliveries
o Cargo consolidations and de-consolidations
o Containerization
o Packaging and preparation
o Stock control
o Stevedoring
o Road, sea and air chartering

Logistical Engineering:

o Large project studies
o Design and supervision of complex shipments
o Site recognition
o Analysis transport options
o Ship chartering